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Christian Faith Baptist Church

Reaching Out, Renewing Lives, Reflecting Christ


Christian Faith Baptist Church

Reaching Out, Renewing Lives, Reflecting Christ

About Christian Faith Baptist  Church

About Christian  Faith Baptist Church

Our Church History

In the Year of 1960, The Spirit spoke that another church should be born in Sunnyside and so it was.  On Wednesday, October 19, 1960 a group of Christians obeyed God, and led by The Spirit of God they held a meeting in the home of Brother and Sister Willie Walker, Jr. at 4144 Alvin Street, Houston, Texas to organize God’s church.  These members were Rev. Leroy Joseph, Rev. McGaffery Barzar, Brother and Sister Willie Walker, Jr., Sister Bertha Joseph, Brother and Sister Sampson Rubin, Sr., Brother and Sister Joseph Tezeno, Brother and Sister Napoleon Edmond, Sister Lutichia Johnson, Sister Lula Jones, Sister Lena Jones, Sister Mabrey and Margie Clark, Brother Leandres Jones, Sister Lou H. Tezeno,  Sister Betty J. Wilson, and Deacon and Sister Algeria Moore.



The first Officers were:

Founder/Pastor- Rev. Leroy Joseph

 Mother of Church- Sister Lutichia Johnson

Chairman of Deacon Board – Deacon L. C. Webster 

President of Deaconess - Sister Leola White 

Sunday School Superintendent – Brother Lee H. Tezeno

President of Senior Choir-Brother Napoleon Edmond

President of the Senior Mission – Sister Bertha Joseph

President of Usher Board – Sister Lula Jones 

Benevolence Treasurer – Sister Lutichia Johnson 

Church and Financial Clerk – Sister Lessie Rubin 

Announcing Clerk - Sister Dorothy Walker


After three weeks of services in the Walker’s home, “CHRISTIAN FAITH BAPTIST CHURCH held her worship services in a small building at 4105 Stassen Street on November 20, 1960.  She rented the building for eight dollars ($8.00) per week. She marched into her new place of worship with her heart lifted up to Heaven and her mind on serving the Lord.  By then the Lord had blessed her with thirty-six (36) members.


Christian Faith Missionary Baptist Church later relocated to their new location at 4306 Brinkley Street, Houston, Texas 77051 in 1961. The Board of trustee for the new sanctuary was Bro. Hanten Joseph, Bro. Jessie Conway, Bro. Napoleon Edmond, Deacon Algeria Moore, Bro. Wille Walker, Jr., Sis. Lula Jones, Bro. Rufus Johnson, Bro. Sampson Rubin, Sr. and 

Bro. Percy L. Wilson.  In the following year a new addition was added to the sanctuary and was donated by Bro. Erwin Ned, Sr. This building is now called the Bertha Joseph Fellowship Hall.


During these years of success in the Lord, Rev. Leroy Joseph pastored for two (2) years without a salary and for one year with a small salary of $25.00 per month.  He also donated his anniversary money, which was $2000.00  to help the church financially.


On August 22, 1974 Christian Faith Baptist Church purchased in cash two lots on the corner of Maggie and Ferdinand in Houston, Texas. 


Later (1986) the Lord Blessed Christian Faith with a 10,000 square feet new sanctuary where we are now sitting (4304 Brinkley Street). Collateral supporters included Pastor Leroy Joseph, Pastor William Yancy, Sr., Deacon Morris Chandler, Deacon Herbert Arvie, and Deacon John Yancy. Bro. Ervin Ned, Sr. donated all labor and materials for the foundation of the 10,000 square feet sanctuary.  On September 10, 1989 we marched into the new sanctuary with approximately 200 members.  In 1995 a mortgage burning note celebration was held.


In 2001 Christian Faith Baptist Church purchased two lots in the amount of $25,000.00 at 4312 and 4314 Brinkley St. Houston, Texas 77051.


On October 2, 2016 a groundbreaking ceremony was held at 4312 Brinkley St. Houston, Texas for our pastoral parsonage. On December 29, 2016 a building permit was issued by the City of Houston and on January 2, 2017 construction began.  In June, 2017 the home was completed and Pastor Leroy Joseph and Sis. Royce Joseph moved into a 1,961 square feet home.  Special thanks go out to our entire church family, friends, and board members. The current board members include Sis. Nettie Tillman, Sis. Lessie Rubin, Bro. Leotis Bradley, Bro. Patrick Fontenot, and Deacon William Haywood to secure a loan in the amount of $150,000.00 to complete the parsonage project and to help with repairs of the sanctuary.


Pastor Leroy Joseph is the first and only Pastor of Christian Faith Baptist Church. The Pastor has ordained and/or licensed 28 men into the Ministry.  As of August 2018, our total membership is approximately 200 members.


We thank God for Christian Faith Baptist church that has faithful auxiliary departments, members, and a Pastor that leads his people by the Word of God. 


Blessed are they that do His commandments that they may have right to the tree of life and may enter into the city. (Revelations 22:14)

Let's Worship God Together- Take a Step and Draw Near to God

Isaiah 59:2). If we want to be close to God, and have that relationship with God, then we have to get rid of the very thing that is putting a distance between us.

Christian Faith Baptist Church

Reaching Out, Renewing Lives, Reflecting Christ

Let's Worship God Together

Take a Step and Draw Near to God

Isaiah 59:2). If we want to be close to God, and have that relationship with God, then we have to get rid of the very thing that is putting a distance between us.

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